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Testimonials: Testimonials

I have known Jackie as a both "a people person".  She goes above and beyond to find out about her riders, their strengths, fears, goals and weaknesses.  She explains to the rider in depth, not only how to execute the movements, but also why and the effect this has on the horse's way of going.  Jackie is effective, puts the rider at ease and enhances the horse/rider, instilling confidence and bringing out the best of their abilities.  Jackie has helped me in detail with my BHS exam preparations, and has been my rock at a moments notice.  She always has the time and is an endless font of equestrian knowledge.  Her sense of humour and easy way is refreshing and a reminder that riding is actually supposed to be fun!!  A BHS Level 3 Coach and Centre 10 Professional Coach myself, I am renowned for wanting the best for myself and my horses.  Jackie is my coach and I trust her explicitly with not only my riding and coaching progression, but also that of my horses.

Sarah Jones Equine Sports Massage Therapist (DIP)
BHS Stage 3 Coach (DR) UKCC level 2
Centre 10 Advanced Coach

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