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With over 27 years experience, horses were in my family before I was born.  I rode from the age of 2 and bought my own with pocket money at 11 years old.

Throughout the years I learnt a lot about horse psychology and behaviour, which is now second nature to me.  I spent my youth competing, schooling, and backing horses for others.  At 16 I starting work at Gleneagles EC, a great start to my journey of instructing, riding and training. I Passed BHS Stages 1&2, then at 17 went to Sparsholt College.  I was lucky enough to live at Sparsholt, and went to HMS Dryad daily for lessons.  I left Sparsholt passing the National Certificate in Horse Management, and BHS Stage 3 & PTT.  I since had the opportunity to be taught by many impressionable coaches, and worked in riding schools in Wales, London and Hampshire, also doing other jobs, and freelancing before starting work at Quob Stables in Durley.  Spending 7 enjoyable years with a great team, I became Chief Instructor and passed my BHSII, Stage 5 Teach and UKCCl 2 , winning runner up in the Golden Spur Award 2016 for Instructors.​ Since I've worked as Equine coach at Sparsholt, training students, then other riding schools before starting out on my own....Thank you all !

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